This is my latest. It was a long time coming. I completed the first draft of this novel in 2016 before Prospector’s Run was even a glimmer in my eye. When I first started thinking about writing books, I had two ideas. One of those ideas became Crossing the Border. The other idea was more difficult to work into a story. I have always been fascinated with the thought of other worlds and their inhabitants. We have hints of these other worlds in the Book of Moses when God tells us he has created worlds without number each called Earth with inhabitants thereon. Wow.

Then many years ago I read a paper by a scholar named Hugh Nibley. In this article he described ancient texts that talked about treasure in heaven. In two passages that stayed with me over the years he said that 1) these ancient treasure texts described a cosmos in which the inhabitants worshiped God and engaged in trade and 2) that our wicked world was quarantined from the rest of creation for its safety.

For years, I tried to concoct a story in which voyagers from Earth burst through the barrier that separates us from the wider universe and discover a galaxy teeming with life. I could not make that work. For some reason I simply could not hang a story on that premise. Then, one day, I had a thought: I was going the wrong way. I should go from the outside in. So, that is Quarantine the story of Hunzuu a junior engineer aboard the star freighter Sittace  who with the trillions of beings in the galaxy worship God and Christ and venerate Christ as their Savior and Redeemer. Their holy books identify the world of Christ’s birth as lying within the galaxy, but its exact coordinates have not been revealed and no one has been able to find it. They call it The One World.

Hunzuu stumbles on a plot to find and harm The One World. He vows to find it himself first and save it. Things do not go according to plan.

Anyway, buy it. Read it. Tell your friends to go and do likewise.

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