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prospector's run

Prospector's Run

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“Engaging characters and a fast moving plot make this a great read. Can’t wait for the next installment!”

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun page-turner from beginning to end. The world creation is solid and Bates wields the futuristic technologies with confidence!”

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Holtz Mitsumi is desperate.

Mitsumi gambled everything to find lost tech on the First Stellar Civilization’s dead, shattered worlds. Massive riches were his if he won.

He lost.

Instead of wealth, he was saddled with a mysterious alien artifact that invaded his mind and instilled an iron compulsion to find its origin. But the artifact did not communicate with anyone else and appeared to be common manufactured diamond—as common as dirt and worth as much.

Broke and in debt, but driven to get back to the stars, Mitsumi is stuck. Mounting an expedition to find the object’s origin is impossible.

Then an enigmatic stranger corners Mitsumi. He claims to have solid leads to fabulous lost tech and offers to let Mitsumi captain a prospecting run, in exchange for a share of the voyage profits.

After scraping a crew together, Mitsumi embarks on one last run to finance his search. But the crew has secrets, some of them deadly. Before he knows it, Mitsumi picks up the perfect accessory for a struggling prospector—an implacable foe. Chased across the galaxy, Mitsumi wrestles with his unruly crew in an impossible bid to survive and find the artifact’s secret.

It’s a Star Trek, Firefly and Raiders of the Lost Ark mashup! Perfect for adventure lovers.

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dawn's reach

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“Great sequel… Loved the way it sets up the third book.”

“Have been looking for some good stuff to read during all this craziness . The plot was unique and new to me. I really enjoyed it am anxiously awaited the final book in this series.”

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The Swarm is back to finish off humanity.

Three thousand years ago the Swarm left Dawn’s five hundred survivors in the stone-age. But in all the long years as humanity clawed its way back from the brink of extinction, the Swarm never reappeared—until now.

Or at least that is what many on Dawn feared. Genia Calliot is not so sure. The mysterious interstellar visitor to Dawn’s system sparks a crash program to investigate. Genia vows to be part of it to learn the truth and not incidentally uncover the origins of an ancient alien artifact that is part of her family’s legacy.

But enemies without and within threaten Genia and the entire human race.

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prospector's choice

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What would you sacrifice for omnipotence?

On the trail of ultimate power, Holtz Mitsumi and Genia Calliot run a gauntlet of danger and deception only to discover a truth that might destroy the entire human race.

even if by fire

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“I loved the story. The character development is deep enough but not distracting. The descriptions of scenes and flow were almost palpable. “
“I found this very exciting – a real page-turner.”

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You’ve washed the blood from your hands. You’re sick of shooting at your neighbors in self defense.

Where do you go?

It’s 2057. Violence in the United States is an all-consuming cancer. Nowhere is safe. Well, almost nowhere. The Lost Land is a possibility, but not an attractive one. In the end though, there is no choice. If you can get there. The border to the Lost Land is closed and safety means a trek through the Rocky Mountains.

Peter Gillan must flee there to avoid unjust accusations, but he falls in with a shadowy group. Rose Horne is drawn there by the lure of peace, but she and her family are hunted in the mountains.

Then the U.S. sends in the army.  And launches nuclear missiles.

Fans of Tom Clancy thrillers and alternate history timelines will love Even If By Fire.

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Hunzuu is desperate to find the One World.

 The world on which the Son of God, the Anointed One was born and lived as a human. Hidden from the Commonwealth of Worlds’ trillions of inhabitants, the One World’s location is unknown. While working as an engineer aboard the star freighter Sittace, Hunzuu stumbles on a shadowy plot involving the One World. Vowing to find the One World and protect it, Hunzuu embarks on a journey that will lead him to dangers he could never imagine and a contagion that threatens the Commonwealth.