the universe next door

Kevin W. Bates

science fiction author

I am a retired attorney. Approaching retirement, I decided that rather than staring blankly when asked what I did with my time I would start writing. I have loved science fiction since I was a youngster so that’s what I decided to write although my first book, Crossing the Border, is an alternate history thriller with a few sci fi elements thrown in. Anyway, four books later I am finally comfortable calling myself an author. If you’re interested in more about me, check out the helpfully titled About Me page.

I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. I  advertise my books and blog here. You can read more about the books on the My Books page. My blog is the Eclectic Corner. I chose that blog title advisedly. In this era of specialization, my son has urged me to focus my blogging on a particular topic, writing perhaps. I have, thus far, resisted this no doubt sensible notion and instead write on whatever ideas happen to wander, bereft and confused at how lonely they are, through my brain. Check out the blog, and if you see something you like, subscribe to be informed of future blog posts.