More Flash Fiction

more flash fiction

Now this image is related to the post, so pay attention.

A number of years ago (five, to be precise) I was perusing the internet and ran across a blog with a post titled Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge. The post included the image above and the challenge was to write a one hundred word story inspired by the image. I accepted the thrown gauntlet and penned (well, keyboarded) the following.

She had brought the money.  Raggedy girl like that, I didn’t think she’d pay. It was just like one of them dime novels.  Sneak into the room at night nab the doll and leave a note. Andy told me it would work; I didn’t believe him.  It was his idea really, “done it lots,” he’d said.  “They pay every time.  They sure love them dolls.” But where had Andy gone now? 

The girl raised her eyes with a smug half smile.

I heard gravel crunch and the snick of a shell pumped into a shotgun. 

“That’s him Daddy,” she said.

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