Prospector’s Run (Artifact Book 1)

A thrilling science fiction novel!

“Engaging characters and a fast moving plot make this a great read. Can’t wait for the next installment!”

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun page-turner from beginning to end. The world creation is solid and Bates wields the futuristic technologies with confidence!”

About The Book

Five thousand years ago in a savage assault, someone tried to annihilate humanity, they almost succeeded. Now, millennia after the First Stellar Civilization’s cataclysmic destruction, humans have clawed their way back. Massive riches in the form of forgotten tech lie hidden in the ruins of the First Civ’s dead, shattered worlds.

Down and out from a failed expedition, Holtz Mitsumi allows an enigmatic stranger to talk him into one more prospecting run. After scraping together a crew, Mitsumi embarks with high hopes. But nothing is as it seems and this run may be his last.